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    If you want to get your website done by us, you need to buy the hosting from a reputed provider or you can buy shared plans from us. (Like We hate Godaddy and iPage, we cry along with our Godaddy/ipage customers)
    We do take care of all graphics work for the website mostly. But here are some addons. Do check our case study section for graphical banners.
    If you wan to upload your own photos, we will design a backend for you which will be as easy as operating facebook. You can upload images, change logo, change any text. We will also provide training for 2 hours in skype. It's most recommended, otherwise you have to hunt us to upload a photo in the middle of a scary night!
    Getting yourself in search results will depend 90% on your content but we will ensure the best from the technical side and if you are serious we will operate on monthly basis to ensure awesome traffic and awesome business.
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    We deal with USD. In case of currency conversation, we will use the value of exchange provided in google search. One thing, if you expect to make us world trade center in 100 USD, then we have to send it to spam section.
  • We have tons of people working, so there is no difference of quality of a work done in a day or in 14 days. There will be difference in the price as we have to pivot from other projects. But we generally suggest to keep it 7 days