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Interactive Designer


Want to hear the secret of working at Aeron7 as a designer? We hire designers who care and who want to influence the direction of every project—simple as that. Inversely, we pass on the designers who only want to be told what to do and simply punch a clock. That’s the simple truth.

Our designers aren’t under any direction from immediate art/creative directors but rather free to pursue imaginative solutions and collaborate with developers, content strategists, writers, and fellow designers. Designers control projects and client direction and have the power to quickly grow their skill set, expertise, and confidence.


  • Creating a user experience strategy, including wire frames
  • Implementing that strategy through visual design
  • Participating in client presentations and design pitches


  • 3+ years design agency experience
  • An impressive web portfolio showcasing design and user experience
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Solid foundation of design fundamentals including: typography, color, and layout
  • A passion for the industry with a solid understanding of digital tools, trends, and best practices
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge is a plus

I guess what we’re saying is that when you’re a designer at Aeron7, you’re basically a rock star—the Freddie Mercury of interactive design, if you will. And just like Queen, while every instrument in the band is vital to creating a great product, nobody really remembers the bassist or drummer, do they?

So, if you’re known for your flamboyant stage persona, powerful vocals, and range of expertise with many instruments (in interactive design terms), submit your resume and a link to your portfolio through this following form.

No calls please. If we think you’re our Superman (or Supergirl… Superwoman? haha!) , together, We’ll save the world.


Secret! We will be biased if you have your CV in an awesome design!

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  • Upload files in Dropbox or Google drive or any possible way and share us the link. If you have online portfolios, do share the link(s).