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India Surf Festival

  • Client Origin: Bhubaneswar, India


    India Surf Festival is a three day celebration of art, adventure and music on the very east coast of India. Our team participated during 2nd version of this festival and became a part of it. We enthusiastically volunteer our work in various sectors to get enriched and enrich the culture of the festival.

    • This entire magazine was designed over 48 hours and editing took over 2-3 days. It was first started to be an iOS magazine.
    • First time in India, we see a festival magazine like this which got us contract straight from Oxford Stores.

    You can also view the magazine in magazine mode. It’s free! You will find the PDF version in our store ..

    Plugins UsedFlip Books
    Software Used: Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop

GraphicsMagazine Design